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阿根廷探戈藝術月- Felipe 音樂欣賞講座

講座名稱: 探戈的節奏 / Listen to the music: Rhythmic patterns in tango - 探戈音樂欣賞入門

簡介: Felipe  Ayano 共同在舊金山灣地區推廣探戈,這個組合體現了探戈的世界通性。他們在北美、歐洲、南美、及亞洲進行巡迴教學、DJ、和音樂賞析講座。他們也每年到布宜諾斯艾利斯進修舞蹈技巧和深究探戈歷史。Felipe的教育背景、19年探戈教學經驗,讓他的清晰、充滿熱情、對學生有實質幫助的教學聞名於世。

Ayano 2005年接觸探戈,她下工夫精進的舞蹈,除了絕佳的技巧,更有豐富的音樂性。這幾年來,她與 Felipe在全美一同教學,帶著清楚準確的風格,成為學生們良好的典範。 FelipeAyano 兩人可帶領可跟隨的本事讓他們的教學更加有效。他們在史丹佛與柏克萊的課程獲得的廣大迴響,皆是來自他們成功的教學方法。我們非常榮幸可以邀請到如此專業的老師到台中來分享,歡迎與我們一起學習共舞探戈之美。

Felipe & Ayano came together in the tango scene of the SF Bay Area, and embody the global nature of tango, traveling full-time throughout North America, Europe, South America, and Asia to teach, DJ, and lecture about the music. They also spend time annually in Buenos Aires studying and enjoying the dance and its history. Felipe's background includes a degree in education and 19 years of experience in tango and is widely renown for his clear teaching strategy, enthusiastic personality, and ability to make real improvements in your dancing. 

Ayano has been dancing tango since 2005 and is an accomplished and motivated dancer, with excellent movement technique and musicality. She has been teaching with Felipe for the past few years around the country. Together, their demonstrations are clear and precise, offering students an excellent model of movement. Both Felipe and Ayano lead and follow interchangeably which is invaluable for teaching. Their series at Stanford University and their classes at The Beat in Berkeley are always in high demand, which is a tribute to their teaching excellence and wide appeal. We are very fortunate to have tango professionals of this caliber in Taichung. Come join us for a wonderful learning experience!

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