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Goodbye & Hello 暖冬小型音樂分享會

活動介紹:(English description in below!)



  這次,不同於以往近兩年前到處征戰比賽時,以一首招牌歌曲打天下。這次,經過了生活的洗禮,不再只是被學校及家庭保護著的單純學生:我,對生活有了更多的的領受。對音樂也是。這次的演出set包含了經過吉他改編過的pop歌曲,以跟原曲完全不同的風貌呈現;也包含了抒情內斂的小品;還有浪漫的情歌。甚至有慵懶煽情的改編英文歌曲。邀請你,在這個冬日的午後,一起來Forro Café,讓我為你唱幾首歌、聽聽你的故事,也聽聽我的故事。


     After moving to Taichung, Emily has been slowly adjusting her pace and the managing the time for the priorities: work, interests, social life, and alone time. Thinking she was a total extravert, Emily found, as time, that nothing compares to the time spent alone. Taylor is her best friend. Also her lover, comfort and partner. (Taylor is her guitar fyi, if you didn’t know yet.)

     When she first started working, all she wanted to do after a long day was just chill and sleep (or doing nothing productive, at least). After about 2 months without Taylor though, she realized -- the busier life was, the more pressure, challenges and frustrations there was, the more joy music would actually bring to her. She began going out for some small music events and met a few fellow musicians. “Music can’t be my job, but it’ll certainly be my most important partner in life,” she thought. And it is.

     This time is nothing like the time in the past, when she used one single song to conquer all the guitar-singing contests. This time, after showering herself in real life without the protection from school and family, Emily is a bit more sophisticated (in a good way, I hope) and has grown more mature with her music.

     This set includes surprising re-arrangements of a couple classic pop songs, a few ballads, and romantic love songs.  There’s even a sultry version of a classic pop.     Come enjoy the lovely afternoon with some lovely tunes and good time!




  Emily從中央大學畢業後,現在是高中的正式老師。平日興趣不算多,有空的時間,大概都花在最大的興趣(也就是自彈自唱或音樂in general)上了。音樂,不只為她帶來樂趣,也為她周遭的人帶來意想不到的樂趣。分享音樂,總是如此的美好。大學時期參加了許許多多的比賽,也從比賽中認識的朋友中,見識、學習了各式不同的風格及技巧。

  音樂,讓她認識了許多的音樂好朋友。許復順就是其中一位重量級好友。  許復順,是逢甲大學吉他社無人不知、無人不曉的風雲人物,沒有之一。(好啦,還有很多個其他高高手,逢甲大學真的是人才輩出啊QQ 下次有機會再邀請更多逢甲高手們跟大家見面)在逢韻獎為兩位獨唱組選手伴奏、一舉奪得冠亞軍後,便開始出現在台灣指彈界的各種表演及比賽場合中。最近的一項有名事蹟,是剛奪得台灣烏托邦吉他大賽的冠軍。



      After graduating from university, Emily is now a full-time high teacher. Doesn’t have many hobbies, as she spends most of her free time on her biggest passion in life aka music.

     Music brings not only her but the people around her happiness. Sharing music is always nice. Active in many contests in college, Emily learned different styles and techniques through the musician friends she made.

     Music introduces her a number of good friends/partners. Dan Hsu is one of the celebrity-ish ones of them. Dan is one of the musical celebrities in Feng-Chia University. He started off in the local musical contests, helping his lead vocalists winning both first and second places. Now he’s actively participating in the Taiwanese guitar fingerstyle music scene. The last incredible thing he recently achieved? Championship in the biggest guitar fingerstyle contest in Taiwan.

     Emily’s collaboration with Dan won’t be heard until the next show. But regardless of you actually seeing Dan live or not yet, come. He’s the shit.