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SALMO WORLD /Cinema (HoFuNeM, HaRuLi) + Sax Solo

  • Forro Cafe 台中市 精誠三街 台中市, 403 Taiwan (map)

Katsura Yamauchi/山內桂,1954年生,70年代初開始演奏薩克斯風,受到現代爵士樂,前衛和自由即興影響。出生在別府。他的名字或許對大部分樂迷有些陌生,但他卻是日本最具特色的音樂家之一。

多年來,山內桂身兼演奏家及活動策畫的身分,幫助來自歐美知名音樂人完成日本巡演,如:Derek Bailey、Tristan Honsinger、等。直到2002年,他辭去穩定的工作,完全奉獻給音樂。雖然受到東京實驗音樂的影響,山內桂仍發展自己音樂獨特的原創性,旋律混合即興及極簡要素,同時具挑戰又容易進入,卻也有著難以辨識的美。

山內桂已發行多張專輯,與Michel Doneda、Gunter Muller、Misha Mengelberg、Tatsuya Nakatani、Sharif Sehnaoui、Otomo Yoshihide、sachiko M、Barre Phillips、Kim Dae­Hwan、Gino Robair、Toshinori Kondo、Han Bennink等多位知名音樂家合作。除了在日本廣泛的演出,山內桂多次於美國並及歐洲音樂節演出。



隨著日本薩克斯風演奏家山內桂的到來,他也將帶來他多次參與國際電影節的電影作品《HoFuNeM 》、《HaRuLi現場投影播放,搭配薩克斯風即興獨奏。


(HoFuNeM Preview)

HoFuNeM (40min. /2012) was accepted to; (HUNGARY)  (IRAQ)


I have no story for this movie. Theme song "KAGE" has no word. But you maybe find a message in it. I think the movie expresses the future through showing the starting point, and our sense of values will change soon. We have to hold an answer now.

A fairy of water is the symbol of the nature. She sings(no meaning) and shows us a universe. And we see contrast of an end, hope and beauty, ugliness and stability, destruction and a man, a woman, the sun, the moon, etc.

I've spent so long time in mountains, woods and rivers, and I experienced surprising spectacles there in my life. And I made a small photo album of water. After that, I decided to make movie of water using my music.

Then I went to my favorite river etc. for four seasons for two years. I got many pictures that water gave me as presents. I chose and put them. They are my impulses and impressions which came from water and universe.

This movie which is not concreteness or abstraction either was completed.


(HaRuLi Preview)

HaRuLi (25min. /2014) was accepted to;

●International Film Festival Villavicencio 2015 (COLUMBIA)

●Festival Internazionale del Cinema d'Arte 2015 (ITALY)

●Voices from the Waters 2015 (INDIA)

●Asiana International Short Film Festival 2015 (KOREA)

●Bangkok Underground Cinema 2015 (Thailand)



Fairy of water shows us universe and human mind through water. She says ; “Everything has been separated, , , past and future, the She says ; “Everything has been separated, , , past and future, the moon and the sun, man and woman, , , but now they are going to be a harmony. Everything is changing. Even big changes, they are chances for mankind to reach a festival. Enjoy neat and clean of snow, energy hidden into the ice, comfort of the maze of forest. You can enjoy sorrow, loneliness and ambivalence.” Voices call each other from a distance become a chorus before long, the sounds of the instruments as well put together. Everything gathers, and becomes a festival, in transition from new moon, crescent, half moon, full moon to. Finally, she asks us, “Are you ready?”


Salmo Document