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5 JAZZ MEN 爵士五重奏

« 5 JAZZ MEN » ,五位爵士樂手來自五個國家,在台灣結緣。

柔音號手 Oli Baron 來自法國,中音薩克斯風手 Damiano Niccolini 來自義大利,次中音薩克斯風手 Sam Su (蘇聖育) 來自台灣,低音提琴手 Anton Bello 來自西班牙,爵士鼓手 Takeshi Sakamoto 來自日本。

« 5 JAZZ MEN » 的曲目內容如同其團名,是融合了不同國家民族個性的爵士樂。例如: Moldavie(作曲:Oli Baron)是東歐民族樂風的11拍快速度樂曲;Blues For Charlie (作曲:Oli Baron)咆哮爵士曲風的快速度曲子;Good Night,Little Bat.(作曲:Oli Baron)咆哮爵士樂風結合巴西節奏的快速度樂曲;Namlala Oumnono (作曲:Oli Baron)以非洲草原與大海為靈感的5拍中等速度樂曲;以及更多特色曲目。

*入場費:NTD$150/人 + 低消 (飲料一杯)

«5 JAZZ MEN» is five jazz musicians from five countries in partnership at Taiwan .

«5 JAZZ MEN» contains Oli Baron , the flugelhornist from France ; Damiano Niccolini , the alto saxophonist from Italy ; Sam Su , the tenor saxophonist from Taiwan ; Anton Bello , the double bassist from Spain ; Takeshi Sakamoto , the jazz drummer from Japan .

The repertoires of «5 JAZZ MEN» , as its name , are fusional of several ethnic musical characters . For example : Moldavie , composed by Oli Baron , is character of the Eastern European folk music on 11 beats fast tempo ; Blues For Charlie , composed by Oli Baron , is a bebop jazz piece based on the chords changes of the swedish blues ; Good Night, Little Bat , composed by Oli Baron , is mixed of the Brazilian rhythm and the rhythm changes of bebop jazz ; Namlala Oumnono , composed by Oli Baron , a piece of 5 beats medium tempo which is inspired from the grasslands and the sea in Africa ; and more feature songs .

*Entrance Fee: NTD$150/pp (drinks are NOT included)